Smart controller of industrial robots with elements of AI
Smart controller of industrial robots with elements of AI

The RCML controller is designed to control flexible robotized production lines, where tasks and trajectories of robots cannot be defined in advance.

RCML is the best solution if you have:
Small series
Production lines for small batches of goods, with the need for fast, seamless switching from one variety of goods to another.
High customization
Production lines or automated cells that produce customized or parametrized goods, where each subsequent unit may differ from the previous one by a number of parameters or a unique feature.
Robot collaboration
Production cells where a few robots share a common working space, in which case it is necessary to prevent collisions of robots with each other and with surrounding objects.
Load balancing
Production built from identical cells sharing auxiliary equipment and tools. The more so if there is a need to parallelize the execution of orders.

How it work?
Technologic program
RCML controller stores a technology program coded in RCML programming language or using available API.
Task & Orders from ERP/MES
RCML controller talks to the ERP/MES system, from which it receives tasks for production along with parameters, volume targets and priorities.
*It is possible to set tasks in manual mode.
Induvidual Programs & Trajectories
After receiving a task, RCML forms a set of commands and trajectories for each robot in particular. This action is performed on every iteration and can be adjusted in real time.
Progress notifications
The controller stores and can export the telemetry of the entire line, technology and robots to DB or SCADA; it also notifies users about the progress of the tasks and production status.

Five reasons to choose RCML
Jump into the Industry 4.0.
Jump straight into the Industry 4.0 without the cost of technological reprogramming of robots. RCML is compatible with both traditional linear and matrix production.
Increase the productivity of a robotics programmer
for setting up the work of several robots. It becomes needless to lay wires and describe signals from the robot to the PLC or other robot.
Increase the productivity of your service engineers.
No more need to reconfigure robots for switching production line to another kind of goods.
All technological code stored in one place.
The code is no more split up between robots and a PLC. No need to copy-paste technological code and then adjust it for each robot separately.
RCML programming language
Own c-like programming language - RCML, including the easy to use graphical user interface. There is no need to train staff in robot programming. Any engineer or technologist will cope with robot programming.

The RCML works with your robot:
  • EtherCat
  • ProfiNet
  • Modbus TCP/UDP
  • DIO
Available SDK:
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
Supported SCADA:
  • RSView
  • SimpleSCADA
  • MasterSCADA
  • etc
Supported DB:
  • PostrgreSQL
  • MySQL

Supported ERP/MES:
  • 1C:Enterprise

RCML's approach to programming industrial robots matches our viewpoint. We do not yet see any substitutes on the market.
Dmitry Ivanov
NPO Saturn LTD
RCML company designed this solution in a timely manner - the team was able to brilliantly "answer the challenge of time and technology."
Herman Myakushko
lead engineer,
The RCML controller allowed us to launch a robotic complex ahead of schedule. Also it provided tools for our the 3d plasma welding app made for industrial robots.
Dmitry Trushnikov
Engineering center of Perm National Research Polytechnic University LLC
We found RCML controller to be very useful. We were able to implement our tasks for the automatic adjustment of robotic cells using its API.
Maxim Gramshin
Formika Lab LLC

There is large, vibrant RCML open source community.

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